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Smart Cupping Therapy

Smart Cupping Therapy

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Cupping therapy the modern way

The Pro Cupping Massager combines powerful dynamic suction, negative pressure  and red light therapy in a single device. It creates a vacuum that helps stimulate your skin delivering more blood to the area, hence promoting faster healing. It’s suitable for both professionals and home use. 


The most convenient recovery 

Almost anyone can benefit from cupping.  It is used to treat lack of mobility, tight muscles, scars and many diagnoses like headaches, tendinitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and release of trigger points.

Easy to use
  • Household Electric Cupping Massager: Beauty salon-level relaxation effect without leaving home.

  • Four Massage Techniques: Cupping, scraping, hot compress, sucktion

  • Whole Body massager:Suitable for arms, abdomen, waist, legs,back,shoulder,hips, hamstring and calves

  • Moving Massager: convenient to take,enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime

  • Adjustable Sunction & Temperature:It has long-lasting suction power with 12 different suction strengths and 12 levels of temperature control. You can start using it on the lowest setting and then choose the mode that suits you best, allowing you to feel comfortable at all times.

How to use

The basic instructions of how to use the device are as follows:

Put the device on a desired part of the body.

Turn it on by pressing the power button for about 2 seconds.

Let the device do the work. You can adjust the intensity while the device runs.

When you’ve heard enough, you can quickly press the power button.That’s it! That simple!


3.7 x 3.7 x 3.1 inches; 1.55 Pounds

Input voltage: 3.7v

Rated power: 5w


6th gear: 38-40°C

9th gear: 42-45°C

12th gear: 48-50°C


Levels 1-4: Low-grade suction, relax the superficial skin

Levels 5-8: Mid-range suction, slow suction 

Levels 9-12: Strong suction

Whats in the box:


2 Filter cotton

USB Charging Cable (Type-C)

User Manual

essential oil not included


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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews

love it

Presley Walter

'm a licensed massage therapist and I'm certified in cupping massage. The spa I work at, we would joke about inventing one of these and now here it is. This has way better suction than the cups we have with the hand pump. The instant release button works very well. I've been using red light therapy and this having that along with suction is a great combination. The pulsing suction is something we cant do so well with the other cups. This is definitely intense and you're going to feel this for sure. You dont have to use this with the red light therapy, but why would you! Easy to clean and I charge this after after use to make sure it's always ready for any length of job.

Hailie Balistreri

Suction force is good

Rosetta Pouros

The quality is impressive, It came relatively quickly (about two weeks)

Mozell Willms

At first I was extremely nervous and excited about it. It took me some time to figure it, but once you get a hold of it, it works great. My mom is a cupping therapist and this sparked the interest of cupping therapy in me.